My name is Chin Ming, raised in New York City in a family of six with 3 siblings. I’m a nurse by profession and a musician on my spare time. I’m a “self” bona fide singer, song writer, guitarist, bassist, drummer, & just a little touch of a pianist. Moreover, I do photography, teach basic guitar, and I fix computers and just about anything that needs to be fixed. I am also a handyman (not the kind who uses a pencil or ruler) rather the kind who fixes broken hearts. I could be very shy at times, but I’m a very friendly person as others who know me very well would call me the “Mr. Nice Guy”.

I enjoy being outdoors (mountain climbing, trailing, sailing, fishing, going to beaches, etc.) I like meeting new people, making friends, and collecting guitars. I currently have 15 guitars in combination of electric and acoustic. I have a bass guitar and a drum set. I mostly write songs with my guitar when down for it. I like to drink liquor, wine, and spirits, and I sometimes (if not most of the time) drink like a fish! Just kidding… lol :)


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